Prudente de Morais

Oct 4, 1841 - Dec 3, 1902

Prudente José de Morais e Barros was a Brazilian lawyer and politician who was the third president of Brazil. He is notable as the first civilian president of the country, the first to be elected by direct popular ballot under the permanent provisions of Brazil's 1891 Constitution, and the first to serve his term in its entirety. His presidency, which lasted from 15 November 1894 until 14 November 1898, was marked by the War of Canudos, a peasant revolt in the northeast of the country that was crushed by the Brazilian Army. He also had to face a break in diplomatic relations with Portugal that was successfully mediated by Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.
Previously he had been the Governor of the State of São Paulo and President of the Senate from 1891 to 1894. He was also president of the Constituent Congress that drafted and approved Brazil's 1891 Constitution. The city of Presidente Prudente, located in the western part of the State of São Paulo, is named after him.
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