Saint Eustace

Died 118 AD

Saint Eustace, also known as Eustachius or Eustathius in Latin, is revered as a Christian martyr. His hagiographical text Legend of St. Eustace was popular throughout Christendom of the Middle Ages, especially in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries of France and was written in different languages such as Latin, Greek, French, English, and Anglo-Saxon. Major events occurring in the text were also popular motives for pieces in different art forms such as sculptures, illuminate manuscripts, stained glass, enamel, ivory, and murals. Legend places him in the 2nd century AD. A martyr of that name is venerated as a saint in the Anglican Church. He is commemorated by the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church on September 20. The Armenian Apostolic Church commemorates St. Eustace on October 1.
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