School of Ferrara

1400 - 1600

The first important painter of Ferrara was COSIMO TURA, who can be considered as the founder of the school of Ferrara. His most important followers were Francesco del Cossa and Ercole de' Roberti, although they both produced some of their most important work in Bologna, as did Lorenzo Costa (i). Lodovico Mazzolino specialized in highly detailed, small-scale paintings, but the influence of manuscript illumination was characteristic of the early Ferrarese school, and even large paintings were very detailed. Influenced by Ercole I’s penitential mood, Ferrarese art at the end of the 15th century suffered a fallow period, represented by the bleak images of Michele di Luca dei Coltellini, Gian Francesco de’ Maineri, and Domenico Panetti (1460–1512).
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