Born 1990

Shida is an Australian multidisciplinary artist best known for his large scale mural work. Shida's practice encompasses video, publishing, public works and murals.
"Shida explores the relationship between Ritual, Sexuality and Love. Psychedelic entities are entwined in a ceremonial act transcending the bounds of known reality. In a world where society’s issues are becoming increasingly gendered and people are seemingly more divided than ever due to the rise of identity politics. Shida seeks to turn this tide like an ancient shaman with each works being in essence an invocation, an energetic manifestation, a prayer to joy." 7
Shida has been involved in street art since 2004 with early work of his featured in RASH a documentary covering Melbourne’s burgeoning street art scene. "Shida has created his work across more than 35 cities, in over 20 countries. The great majority of his work is created pro bono for the neighbourhoods and communities that he visits on his travels and across Australia. His work reflects his multicultural upbringing.
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