Suzanne de Court

Suzanne de Court was an enamel painter in the Limoges workshops, probably running a workshop of some size producing pieces of the highest quality. She was the only identifiable woman signing Limoges pieces, though this may be in her capacity as owner of the workshop; only one other female enamel painter is recorded in the period. None of her work is dated but she is thought to have been active between 1575 and 1625, especially around 1600, and was very possibly the daughter of Jean de Court, from a dynasty of Limoges painters.
The de Court dynasty of enamel painters ran a workshop making Limoges enamel over several generations in Limoges in south-western France. They, or many of them, were Huguenots, which may explain why there is no record of her in church registers. The only document known to mention her disappeared in the 19th century. Suzanne was a common name among Huguenots. It is not clear if she was a de Court by birth or marriage. Often pieces just bear "S.C.", but sometimes her full name, as illustrated. Her forms of signature include: "SUSANNE COURT, SUSANNE DE COURT, SC or SDC", usually on the front of pieces.
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