Tosa Mitsuoki

Nov 21, 1617 - Nov 14, 1691

Tosa Mitsuoki was a Japanese painter.
Tosa Mitsuoki succeeded his father, Tosa Mitsunori, as head of the Tosa school and brought the Tosa school to Kyoto after around 50 years in Sakai. When the school was settled in Sakai, Mitsunori painted for townsmen. The school was not as prolific as it once was when Mitsunobu, who painted many fine scrolls ran the school. Mitsuoki moved out of Sakai with his father, in 1634 and into the city of Kyoto. There, he hoped to revive the Tosa school to gain status back into the Kyoto court. Around the time of 1654 he gained a position as court painter that had for many years traditionally been held by the Tosa family, but was in possession of the Kano school since the late Muromachi period.
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