1773 - 1828

Utagawa Toyohiro, birth name Okajima Tōjiro, was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist and painter. He was a member of the Utagawa school and studied under Utagawa Toyoharu, the school's founder. His works include a number of ukiyo-e landscape series, as well as many depictions of the daily activities in the Yoshiwara entertainment quarter; many of his stylistic features paved the way for Hokusai and Hiroshige, as well as producing an important series of ukiyo-e triptychs in collaboration with Toyokuni, and numerous book and e-hon illustrations, which occupied him in his later years.
The ukiyo-e series he produced include the following:
Eight Views of Edo
Eight Views of Ōmi
Newly Published Perspective Pieces
Twelve Months by Two Artists, Toyokuni and Toyohiro, with Toyokuni
Untitled series of A Day in the Life of a Geisha
Untitled series of Eight Views of Edo in the Snow
The Six Great Poets
The Twelve Hours
The Four Accomplishments
The Three Cities
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