White Lake

White Lake is a hamlet in the town of Bethel, Sullivan County, New York on the southeast shore of a lake of the same name. It was the closest community to the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969.
The community has a post office on New York Route 17B. Its ZIP Code is 12786. Its population in 2000 was reported at 665 and is the largest community in the town of Bethel. The Bethel Town Hall is also located in the community.
The lake is reported to be the deepest lake in Sullivan County. Residents in the 19th century claimed that the biggest brook trout in the world was caught in the lake in 1843.
According to local lore its Native American name was Kauneonga—meaning lake with two wings. The White Lake name is said to have come from the white sand beaches on its shores and white bottom. The northern portion of White Lake, formerly known as North White Lake, is now called Kauneonga Lake.
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