Xiang Jing

Born 1968

Xiang Jing is a Chinese sculptor. Xiang graduated from the Department of Sculpture of China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Her graduating works won first prize in the "Graduation Show of Central Academy of Fine Arts 1995" and she also won the Okamatsu Family Fund. These sculptures that won these prizes were collected by the school because of the beauty and interest that were shown in them. After graduation, she continued to sculpt women and a few other objects. She taught at Shanghai Normal University from 1997 to 2009.
Her work can be divided into "Mirror Image", "Keep in Silence", and "Naked Beyond Skin" series. She moved back to her hometown Beijing in 2009. Most of her sculptures are based on women whose shows the imperfect nature and realness of women. She does not make her sculptures perfect; instead, she gives them flaws that are common in women. These flaws often include a flabby waistline, a lack of expression on the face, and often an off shaped body. Xiang Jing seems to convey the humility or emptiness of the everyday woman on the surface. The artist is truly interested in the "psychological truth" of human beings and seeks the existential truth of human life.
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