Zhou Fang

730 AD - 800 AD

Zhou Fang, courtesy name Zhonglang, was a Chinese painter during the Tang dynasty. Zhou lived in the Tang capital of Chang'an, which is now modern Xi'an, during the 8th century. He came from a noble background and this was reflected in his works, such as Court Ladies Adorning Their Hair with Flowers and Court Lady With Servants. He was influenced by the pure and detailed style of Gu Kaizhi and Lu Tanwei from the Six dynasties in his work. The late Tang art critic Zhu Jingxuan said: "Zhou Fang's Buddha, celestial beings, figures, and paintings of beautiful women are all incredible masterpieces."
Zhou was an important figure in the Tang Dynasty after fellow Tang dynasty painter Wu Daozi. He was a famous religious and character painter, and the most famous painting Zhou created is a Buddhist image called "Water Moon Goddess of Mercy". His Buddhist painting has become a long-standing popular standard, known as "Zhou Jiaxiang". Zhou Fang's artistic activity is long, up to three or four decades, that is, the calendar to Zhenyuan years, its activities mainly concentrated in Chang'an and Jiangnan two places.
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