Bird and Beast Caricature Exhibition Spin-off
Mar 23, 2021 - Jun 6, 2021
Ticket: ¥1,000*
* Prices displayed are maximum known list price without fees. Other rates may apply
This special feature will be held in rooms 1 and 2 and 14 of the main building as a related project of the special exhibition "All about National Treasure Choju-Giga" (Heiseikan, April 13th to May 30th). The national treasure "Choju-Giga", which was handed down to Kozanji Temple in Kyoto, is a picture scroll that dynamically depicts the activities of anthropomorphic animals and people. Although it is an extremely popular picture scroll, the mystery of what the subject was, who drew it, and what it was drawn for has not yet been solved. Therefore, in this special feature, I would like to focus on animals, which are the main motif of this picture scroll, and approach the mystery of "Choju-Giga".

In Room 14 of the main building, we invited the animals that appear in "Choju-Giga" from the east and west, and traced the expression of what the animals were represented as, and the meaning of the shape. I will explore.

In the special room of the main building, we will focus on Otsumaki, Hinoe Maki, and Chomaki among the "Choju-Giga". We will introduce various works surrounding this unparalleled picture scroll and explore the background of the establishment of "Choju-Giga". In addition, you can see the influence that the essence of "Choju-Giga", which is full of funnyness, has on the subsequent works.

In the special 2 rooms of the main building, we will focus on the most famous Komaki among the 4 volumes of "Choju-Giga". By paying attention to the play that rabbits, frogs, and monkeys are playing, and the tools they have, we aim to give you a deeper understanding of one of the most famous scenes in Komaki.
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