What a Wonderful World
May 26, 2022 - Mar 12, 2023
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The MAXXI Collection’s grand new exhibition: an innovative itinerary that brings together major installations by 14 international artists including key works from the Collection and others commissioned for the occasion.

The title refers to today’s reality and hopes for tomorrow: through the visionary gaze of the artists, it evokes – sometimes in an ironic way – our time riddled with uncertainties and challenges and multiple human and technological possibilities of significant evolutions and drive towards the future. The works on display investigate the major issues of scientific and technological progress concerning the challenges of the contemporary era: the hybridisation between species and ecosystems, between real experiences and virtual interactions, between changes and grafts of identity and gender, in the reconfiguration of the social and political dynamics of our time.

Micol Assaël | Ed Atkins | Rosa Barba | Rossella Biscotti | Simon Denny | Rä Di Martino | Franklin Evans | Thomas Hirschhorn | Carsten Höller | Liliana Moro | Jon Rafman | Tatiana Trouvé | Paolo Ventura | James Webb is also an experimental project in progress realised in collaboration with the research centre HER She Loves Data, which has seen the participation of several museum professionals in the design of a “performative prototype”. This prototype is designed to apply digital technologies in a novel way for the valorisation and promotion of the MAXXI Arte Collection by investigating the relational ecosystem of the work of art through the analysis, visualisation and interpretation of data generated by the public in dialogue with the works on display.
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