Splash! Buncheong Ware with Fish Designs
Sep 23, 2023 - Jun 23, 2024
Ticket: Free
This exhibition introduces a diverse selection of Joseon-era buncheong ware featuring fish designs, shedding light on its distinctive individuality stemming from the diverse modes of decoration.

Fish designs were applied to buncheong ware using a range of decorative techniques, including slip inlay, stamping, iron painting, and incision. Inlaid or stamped versions were often paired with designs of waves or lotus flowers in a regular pattern, conveying a tidy aesthetic. In contrast, fish painted in iron oxide using bold, swift brushstrokes create a sense of unconventionality. Fish designs incised with simple and free-spirited lines seem to invite viewers into a world of child-like wonder. These fish designs on buncheong ware were produced with diverse expressions that varied depending on the mode of decoration. Exploring these unique fish designs provides another entertaining avenue for the appreciation of buncheong ware.
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