May 21, 2023 - Oct 15, 2023
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Four installations created through an unconventional dialogue between artists, architects, designers, philosophers and botanists to tell the story of a place and its nature. Andrea Anastasio with Angela Rui, Bêka&Lemoine with Stefano Mancuso and Studio Formafantasma with Emanuele Coccia. For the occasion, the Alcantara-MAXXI Project also moved to Venice with the installation by Studio Ossidiana.

We are no longer allowed to be passive regarding the natural conditions surrounding us. The knowledge we can no longer afford to evade today is the environmental context we live in, and BioGrounds is a project that aims to activate this knowledge.

The idea was born from the union between environmental life (Bio) and the assonance with the term playground (Grounds), entrusting contemporary designers to create installations, devices and performances capable of telling the public the story of a place and its nature, involving visitors through actions and interventions.

The BioGrounds are conceived by designers – architects, artists, designers – in dialogue with theorists who are experts in ecological issues – philosophers, botanists, critics – and the optimal place for their realisation is the Island of Certosa in Venice, given its significant biodiversity. The works are designed to transform, live and grow old in the environment, as happens to every element marked by the passage of time. Observing their change is an integral part of active public enjoyment.
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