New space: Master of Cabestany
Jan 1, 2023 - Jan 1, 2025
The Museum is to open a new space dedicated to the Master of Cabestany thanks to the incorporation in the collection of four sculptural fragments from the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes attributed to this master and his workshop, which were acquired by the Generalitat de Catalunya. The four pieces would have been part of the Biblical cycles that decorated the large doorway of the church of Sant Pere de Rodes, built in the middle third of the 12th century and destroyed during the first third of the 19th century. Since the addition to the collection of these four sculptural fragments, the Museu Nacional has continued working and researching to locate other fragments of the large doorway, which will also be part of this new space. In 2014 the Museum dedicated an exhibition to the Master of Cabestany that interpreted the lost doorway and presented four virtually unknown marble heads. Now this new space will make it possible to incorporate the latest research and present a hypothetical reconstruction of the destroyed doorway, besides offering a new interpretation of the function and the context of this masterpiece. This new space is part of a cycle of projects related to the Romanesque Art collection that the MNAC is presenting in the context of the centenary of the rediscovery and removal of the Romanesque mural paintings, their presentation in the museum, and the formation of the main nucleus of the current Romanesque Art collection. Due to the complexity and special characteristics of this unique group of works, these projects, which combine aspects relating to the patrimony, the conservation and the presentation of the collection, will run for a three-year cycle, from 2023 to 2025.
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