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Carmen, Die Gezeichneten

Bizet’s CARMEN
Carmen is the ideal introduction to the world of opera. Even if the action takes place in Seville and its outskirts, the way it is treated is decidedly French. In Olivier Py’s production, as presented by the Opéra de Lyon, CARMEN takes place in a Parisian nightclub, Le Paradis Perdu, stuck between a police station and a hotel, as a nod towards the atmosphere that so shocked its first spectators 140 years ago.

José Maria Lo Monaco embodies the title role, a daring Carmen with a fiery temperament. She has the ideal physique and the sensual voice of a mezzo.

A flamboyant production in a spectacular setting.
Olivier Py plunges the audience into a feminine world in constant motion, which reproduces the gayety that Bizet put into his opera.

The show is first of all a set, designed by Pierre-André Weitz, spinning around on itself to reveal all the facets of a cabaret, the stage, wings, dressing rooms, and street, but Olivier Py brings them to life with astounding action.

For Olivier Py, Carmen is the most perverse but also most innocent of women – he has presented her as an Eve holding the snake of a Paradise Lost serpent.

He is Don José, she is Carmen, he loves order, she loves freedom, he loves only her, she loves him as she feels, in the moment, but free to stay if she wants, free to love who she wants, when she wants, and this will be the death of her.

Die Gezeichneten by Franz Shreker
It was necessary to wait for almost a century for France to acclaim Die Gezeichneten (The Stigmatised). Franz Shreker was seen to be the worthiest heir of Richard Wagner, and in 1918 this exceptional opera was triumphantly performed for the first time. David Bosch’s production transposes action into a nocturnal, post-apocalyptic world.

Alviano is an extremely rich nobleman: on an island near the city, he has had built “Elysium”, a place devoted to the beauty of nature and the arts, but which he has never seen and will never go, from a fear of ruining it: for Alviano is ugly. On the other hand, Tamare is an extremely handsome, confident nobleman, who has set up home on Alviano’s island and, unbeknown to him, opened a magnificent whorehouse, where the young Genoese rape the girls they have kidnapped. Between these two men, there is Carlotta, a painter.

Die Gezeichneten by Franz Shreker
Extracts of production

Carlotta has succeeded in discerning the utter beauty of Alviano’s soul, despite his deformities, and he agrees to pose for her.

Interview with Alejo Perez, conductor

Interview with Magdalena Anna Hofmann, soprao
playing role of Carlotta

Alviano and Carlotta are in love with each other, but Carlotta is also attracted by the dominating beauty of Tamare, to whom she ends up with. Alviano kills Tamare, Carlotta lets herself die near the corpse, Alviano goes mad.

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