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Chamber of Architects in Romania

the Mincu House and Verona Cultural Itinerary

For 3 days annually, the street becomes pedestrian
Street Delivery has become from 2006 the proper framework for artists, architects, musicians and the entire community to be seen and heard and to confer an alternative to the city routines. For 3 days annually, there is a positive perspective of the city`s potential to be creative and shared.

Annually, the Mincu House opens its doors to the visitors and community, to share its past, its architecture values and its symbolism in the urban context.

Street Delivery is the perfect occasion for visitors to discover the home of the renowned Romanian architect, Ion Mincu.

Mincu House is open to its public
Street Delivery is the perfect occasion for the Chamber of Architects to open its doors to the public: all the original details, the furniture (most of it from Mincu`s time), the history and its significance in the urban landscape are relevant details, which help to recreate an awesome past.

Every year on Street Delivery, the team of restorers that had worked on the Mincu House come back to share their experience with the visitors, by organizing a guided tour.

The main hall of the Mincu House hosts very often cultural events and piano concerts.

In 2015, the Chamber of Architects enjoyed the presence of 2 very talented photographers, Andreea Burcin and Andrei Baranovschi. This exhibition is made of their work during SD 2015.

”The Hall of Saints” is a unique element in the Mincu House, providing beautiful symbols of Romanian folk culture.

The decoration in the Mincu House are original and have been carefully restored by the team of restorers and volunteers coordinated by Vasi Martin, expert in restoration.

Annually, the house enjoys the presence of the volunteers that helped in its restoration
Street Delivery is the essence of a periodical return, an annual event, a habit repeating itself to speak of things that could very well occur every day, anywhere, anytime in the public space and its continuity. 

The loft in the Mincu House enjoys the art of Gabriel Kelemen, Romanian artist and philosopher from Timisoara.

Looking through
"Street Delivery started as a private initiative and the need to get together neighboring communities. The aim was to reunite the Verona Street by a 12 minutes walk. It generates a different relation with the city, the houses and the traffic. The walker discovers opportunities, places otherwise hidden. There are also economic and urban advantages once we accept and respect the rights of a pedestrian and a biker.” - Arch. Serban Sturdza, chairman of the Pro Patrimonio Foundation

The entrance hall in the Mincu House enjoys the original fresco dating from the end of the 19th Century.

The cultural lane
Street Delivery was initiated in 2006 as a cultural lane, uniting 2 of the most beautiful gardens in Bucharest, along a beautiful ”gallery” of houses that used to belong to famous Romanian public figures. 

Most of the decoration in the Mincu House is original and reflects the attention for details of the previous owner.

Children are most welcome in the Mincu House and Street Delivery is the perfect occasion for workshops and presentations for children to discover architecture and the value of public space.

"Street Delivery is an exercise of good neighborhood, says arch. Serban Tiganas, chairman of the Chamber of Architects in Romania. The junction of an old street such as Verona and a modern boulevard that is Magheru signifies an ongoing process. A whole and diverse community of the street - Chamber of Architects, TIAB, Carturesti bookstore, the Church of England and other contributors have opened their gates and minds to dialogue and cooperation.”

Short documentary produced by Dan Drăghicescu and his team for Chamber of Architects in Romania, on the 2014 edition of the Street Delivery urban festival.

Thank you for coming!
We at the Mincu House are proud to open the doors and receive our friends and visitors interested in architecture, history and the immense value of patrimony.

Street Delivery has become the perfect opportunity for Chamber of Architects to host a workshop of calligraphy coordinated by Ovidiu Hrin, graphic artist from Timisoara.

The calligraphy workshop lasts 3 days and accommodates around 15 people.

Dear Friends // Ovidiu Hrin, graphic artist
For 3 years now, the Mincu House is the proud host of a Calligraphy Workshop, facilitated by Ovidiu Hrin, graphic artist from Timisoara. 

The visitors of the Mincu House find out the secrets and the past of this historical monument through the original pieces exposed and the details so generously offered by the restorers.

Dear Friends // the team of restorers led by Vasi Martin, expert in restoration
Also great friends of the Mincu House, the restorers working for 3 years on the house come back every year to facilitate a guided tour. For 3 days of the festival, the Mincu House receives over 200 visitors a day, which listen and discover the past and the secrets of an important witness of the history.
Walking Verona, walking the city
The pedestrian is just as important as the driver, as we understand mobility a presence by default in the public space; the need to cross the city and to enjoy its offerings should be widely available, no matter the concourse of interests.

Verona street enjoys the presence of more than 300 visitors daily, discovering the artists, the houses and the delightful terraces.

Graffiti wall has become a benchmark and a special brand of Street Delivery.

Dear Friends // the Piscu School for crafts and arts, led by Virgil Scripcariu, sculptor
Always present on Verona street, the Piscu School of popular arts and crafts revive Romanian traditions and bring little hands to work and joy!

Ceramics of the Piscu School is made by children and visitors during the 3 days of the festival.

The Piscu School has become a traditional partner of the Chamber of Architects in Romania, bringing every year the patrimony and the Romanian traditions to the attention of the people.

Verona, the Cultural Itinerary
Every edition, Street Delivery aims at finding solutions to the neighborhood problems, no matter how small -  it may be a sidewalk that needs fixing, a fence to be rebuilt, perhaps monuments or even an entire square freed of parked cars. These are simple changes that bring quality to the public space.
A cultural ideal
Every year, Street Delivery aims at addressing a different challenge in the neighborhood, may it be something small such as a broken sidewalk, a broken fence, the urban lighting system, or even grater issues such as restoration of patrimony or public squares returned to the use of pedestrians. It`s a simple gesture, after all, yet each can bring quality and significance to the public space, says arch. Serban Tiganas, chairman of the Chamber of Architects in Romania. Sunt lucruri simple, care aduc calitate spatiului urban
The Cultural Walk
Street Delivery transforms Verona street into an artistic walk of fame: different artists and art are free to discover the city and to use its public space as a personal stand of dreams.
Mincu House, home of a community
Arthur Verona Street is just like any other street, yet people living and working here - Chamber of Architects in Romania, the famous Carturesti library and everyone else -  have understood that implication and contribution brings change; so they have opened the gates and launched and invitation to dialogue and cooperation.
The 2015 SD at Mincu House contributors
Credits: team of volunteering restorer coordinated by Vasi Martin, expert restorer, Andreea Burcin, photographer, Andrei Baranovschi, photographer, Ovidiu Hrin, graphic designer, Virgil Scripcariu, sculptor, Dan Draghicescu, producer, Chamber of Architects in Romania - Bucharest Branch, Chamber of Architects in Romania
Chamber of Architects in Romania
Credits: Story

Chamber of Architects in Romania and the Carturesti Foundation organize annually on Verona Street the Street Delivery Festival - town planning, architecture and arts event aiming to recover the urban space from cars and return it to pedestrians and the community.
Chamber of Architects in Romania appreciates its partners in this project (restorers and volunteers coordinated by rest. Vasi Martin, Ovidiu Hrin, graphic designer, Virgil Scripcariu, sculptor and Piscu workshop coordinator, all the visitors) for annually contributing to reaching an ideal, at least for 3 days. Even so.

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