Grenada Pavilion 56th Biennale di Venezia

We Invite You!
Come visit the Grenada Pavilion at the beautiful Sala Tiziano of the Don Orione Artiginelli.  A few steps from the Zaterre vaporetto stop in Dorsodoro, you will easily find our beautiful space.
The Curators
Cheif curator of the Biennale di Venezia is Okwui Enwezor.  Susan Mains is a curator for the Grenada Pavilion.

Francesco Elisei is a co-curator of the Grenada Pavilion.

The Artists
Artists from Grenada and Italy joined to make this pavilion a great success.  The elegance of Italy and the warmth of Grenada, combined to give singular panache. 
Oliver Benoit
Benoit lives and works in Grenada.  He is abstractionist, with a penchant for obscuring his images.  He is also a professor of sociology at St. George's
Maria McClafferty
Maria McClafferty lives and works in Grenada.  Her glass and steel constructions have been commissioned all over the world.  Recently, her work in encaustic has led to a new
Asher Mains
Asher Mains lives and works in Grenada.  He is primarily a painter, but also works in constructions and installations. His work often addresses social concerns.
Francesco Bosso
Francesco Bosso lives and works in Italy.  He empoys traditional photography with film and a dark room, and prints on gelatin silver paper to capture a unique light.
Giuseppe Linardi
Giuseppe Linardi is a painter and sculptor who lives and works in Italy. His "decodificazion" series has a unique, push-pull feature.
Carmine Ciccarini
Carmine Ciccarini is a painter using  traditional, historic methods.  His use of colour is signficant to his city-scapes, that often hi light the importance of humanity. He lives and works in Italy
Susan Mains
Susan Mains lives and works in Grenada.  Her international work often is in installation, and often explores man's inhumanity to man.
None Calls for Justice
The clothing represents the bodies of those killed by violence--the girls in Nigeria, the students in Kenya, those who have drowned in the Mediterranean and others around the world. All lives seem not equal.
The Opening
Vernisage of the Grenada Pavilion of the Beinnale di Venezia.  May 6th 2015.

Celebrity at the Vernissage.

Credits: Story

Commissioner: Ministry of Culture, Grenada

Curators: Susan Mains, Francesco Elisei


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