October 2014

Making of "Recycles"

Urban Forms Gallery

PROEMBRION (Krzysztof Syruć) graduated Architecture Faculty at the Technical University in Gdańsk.
He creates graffiti/ street art, spatial installations and drawings. In his works inspirations from nature or mathematics are visible. They can be found in the area of interest of the artist.
PROEMBRION is a member SPECTRUM group, CITY2CITY, TELE (street art) and many groups that gather architects (NONE, Centrala). 
SEPE graduated the Academy of Art in Warsaw, Graphics and Painting Faculty in Łódź. From 1996 he is connected to street art, he also works with illustration and graphic design. 
Together with Chazme he created murals in Berlin, Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Szczecin and Łódź (Zachodnia and Próchnika crossing). 
He took part in many festivals that concerned street art: International Visual Arts Festival „INSPIRACJE” 2009, „Europe XXL” (France 2009), „Stroke” (Germany 2009), „Secret Wars” (England 2009), ‘Outline festival’ (Poland 2008).
TONE (Robert Proch) graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan in the Multimedia Communication Faculty.
Besides murals, he is also interested in animated movies and the art of illustration. His style can be defined by figurative graffiti and classical painting techniques.
In his art, TONE uses his rich experience in creating animations. This is why his murals are characterised by a lively and dynamic form. 
CEKAS (Łukasz Berger) – was born in 1984 in Wrocław. He studied sculpture and as he says - this experience in sculpture shifted his thinking on many levels (feeling the space, aesthetics and composition).
Besides graffiti and murals, CEKAS creates spatial installations, sketches and drawings.
CHAZME graduated Architecture and Town-Planning Faculty in Warsaw.
His first steps in street art he put in 1996. Today he is a recognised artist – he takes part in many collective and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad.
Apart from murals, he also works with illustrations, paintings and graphic design.
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Director — Teresa Latuszewska Syrda
Photos — Marek Szymanski
Office manager — Jadzia Krakowiecka
Gallery  — Justyna Bienias

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