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Creation of mural in Lodz
DALeast was born in China in 1984, now he lives in Cape Town in South Africa.It is believed that when he was 3 he said that he’s going to be an artis and that he will travel all over the world. 
He studied sculptures and art history  at the Institute of Fine Arts. 
He began his adventure with street art in 2004 calling himself – Dal. He joined a group called JEJ. As a lot of street art artists he had some trouble with the law (he was arrested in 2008 just before the Olympic in Beijing). 
DalEast in his work is combining  sculpture, canvas and installations , he is playing with our eyes creating 3D effect on the walls (Using black and white paint). His works are always connected with the environment of the place. 
DalEast in his works  focuses on the details, thousand little parts create together amazing shapes that he brings to life.  
Artist in most of his work is using dark base under light line which makes  images appear to come out of the wall. 
His works are magical, he creates amazing optical illusion using only couple of colours on the wall.  
The most frequent theme that can be noticed in his art are shapes that are falling apart in the central part of the painting. 
The artist claims that animals that he paints depict human as well as a society and their mutual influence on the environment.
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Director — Teresa Latuszewska Syrda
Photos — Marek Szymański
Office manager — Jadzia Krakowiecka
Gallery  — Justyna Bienias

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