While these days almost everyone has a mobile phone or an internet connection, and there are virtually no limits when it comes to global communication and networking, most people still do not have access to art and culture. Art in public spaces in particular, as well as the associated freedom of art, should overcome this hurdle and, with creative impetus, reach and inspire people who aren’t lucky enough to grow up with a season ticket to the theatre or visits to museums every Sunday. And so this year’s aim of bringing renowned international art to places in Munich where it was least expected, was a matter very close to our hearts.

After a good eight months of planning, preparation and communication, for the fourth time Positive-Propaganda e.V. has been able to achieve something that others can only dream of. Together with the artist duo “CYRCLE.” from Los Angeles we have managed to showcase their first large-format artwork in Central Europe on an area of more than 500 m² in just 10 days.

The “CYRCLE.” duo are the rising stars of the international street-art movement. In the past two years they have worked together with renowned greats like Portuguese street-art icon Vhils and the concept artist JR from France. In their work the artists radically grapple with topics like identity, the symbiosis of chaos and order, as well as the effect of established power structures and their deconstruction.In the creation of their art they combine stylistic tools of classic painting with modern graphic aesthetics, without ever losing their authentic hallmarks.

Almost playfully, CYRCLE. succeeds in transforming gigantic façades into unique paintings with distinctive imagery, spreading their socio-political messages from Hong Kong to Malmö, Montreal and now also Munich.

In just a few days the duo managed to enamour and unite a whole neighbourhood young and old alike with their art and to bring them closer with lively, animated discussions. It was important to the artists to familiarise the building’s residents with the artwork during the entire creation process by means of constant dialogue and exchange, thereby enabling the residents to personally identify with the art.

CYRCLE, Street-Art München, work in progress
CYRCLE, Street-Art München, work in progress
CYRCLE., Street-Art München, work in progress
CYRCLE, Street-Art München, work in progress
CYRCLE, Street-Art München
CYRCLE, Street-Art München
CYRCLE, Street-Art München
CYRCLE, Street-Art München
Credits: Story

Curator — Sebastian Pohl
Artist — CYRCLE. (L.A.)

Credits: All media
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