Everyday Heroes: The on-ground staff that keep the Indian Railways running

Kalka Shimla Railway

Meet Mr. Ramacharya, Mr. Subhash Chand and Mr. Gita Ram from the Kalka-Shimla Railway.

The Kalka-Shimla Railway
It has been more than 160 years since the start of the railway in India and yet the romance of railways still remains intact, more so, with the undying charm of the railways in the hilly regions of India. Shimla is one such example. There are four premium services for travellers on the Kalka-Shimla Railway that promise a luxurious ride across the scenic route of Kalka-Shimla.

Shimla, the former 'summer capital' of the British Raj, is an important holiday destination for the Indians. Shimla is a popular tourist place to beat the heat or to catch snow flakes.

Mr. Ramacharya and Mr. Shubhash Chand - Trackmen
Mr. Ramacharya and Mr. Shubhash Chand are colleagues and work as trackmen in Shimla. A trackman maintains the tracks and other items of the railroad. 

Mr. Ramacharya talks in brief about what his job is as a trackman.

Here he explains how they do the maintenance of rail tracks.

Mr. Ramacharya reveals that 'through-packing' of the railway track is his favourite part of the job.

After Mr. Ramacharya, his colleague Mr. Shubhash Chand introduces himself and explains his job as a trackman.

Mr. Shubhash has come to like and respect his job, despite all the challenges he faces.

Mr. Subhash Chand takes a break from his work to sit on the rail track and relax for a bit.

A trackman's task includes everything from laying, repairing and maintaining the tracks, cleaning and checking on the track ballast, inspection and maintenance of the safety equipments.

As a trackman, working hard to deliver the results on time is of utmost importance for Mr. Ramacharya.

Mr. Gita Ram - Keyman
Mr. Gita Ram works as a keyman in Shimla. A keyman's job is to regularly check sections of tracks for faults, to prevent any kind of accidents.

Mr. Gita Ram introduces himself in this video and explains what his job is as a keyman.

Keymen ensure the safety of the railway and its passengers.

Mr. Gita Ram goes on about his day by checking the tracks.

He inspects the tracks near the Shimla Railway Station.

These are the tracks of the Shimla Railway Station that Mr. Gita Ram work on.

Mr. Gita Ram, a keyman, poses for a photograph near the Shimla Railway Station.

Mr. Ram takes a pause from his work to admire the beauty of Shimla.

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