Chile - Biennale Arte 2015

Lotty Rosenfeld-Paz Errázuriz: Poéticas de la Disidencia/Poetics of dissent   - Curated by Nelly Richard

Poéticas de la disidencia/Poetics of dissent
For the first time, the concept for the Pavilion of Chile at la Biennale di Venezia was selected in a public competition. Poetics of Dissent was announced as the winning proposal by the National Council for Culture and the Arts of Chile (CNCA)
Poéticas de la disidencia/Poetics of dissent
The works of Páz Errázuriz and Lotty Rosenfeld, two internationally renowned female artists, integrate into their viewpoints the contextual traces of an historical and political journey: from Chile‘s military dictatorship to the democratic post-transition period. The exhibition “Poetics of Dissent” – which includes photography, texts and videos – contrast both ends of an uneven space-time of the Latin American space where coexist on one hand, the visual anachronism of the black and white photographic “ freeze” of abandoned bodies and geographies (Paz Errazuriz) and on another, the vastness of a globalized, technologically-based, overly documented world by means of visual memories, worn out by the repetition of television format, in need of being shaken by works of art (Lotty Rosenfeld). The introversion of helpless households the circumscribe within the privacy of confinement their needy identities (Paz Errazuriz) and, conversely, the media extroversion of transnational capitalism where economic value translates into the network potency and markets (Lotty Rosenfeld). These poetics separated in time and space define what is “Latin-American” as a composite rather than a simple category; a multi-track phenomenon that comprises the separation and the mixing of heterogeneous materials as a recess to redraw the “South” using its off-centered grids, margins and peripheries.
The Artists: Paz Errázuriz
Born in Santiago, Chile, Paz Errázuriz studied education at the Cambridge Institute of Education, in England, and at Universidad Católica de Chile. In 1972 she began her education as a self-taught photographer, and continued perfecting her craft in 1993 at the International Center of Photography in New York. She began her professional and artistic career in the 1980s.           
The Artists: Lotty Rosenfeld
Born in Santiago, Chile, Lotty Rosenfeld studied at the Escuela de Artes Aplicadas, the School for Applied Arts, at the Universidad de Chile from 1967 to 1969. While her early artistic activity revolved around printmaking, in 1979 she joined the Colectivo Acciones de Arte (CADA), the art actions collective, and began working on interventions in public spaces. Along with CADA her work is associated with what is known as the Escena de Avanzada. Her work has consisted primarily of interventions in urban spaces in different parts of Chile and abroad. Since then she has used art actions and video as her preferred formats and techniques of expression.
The Curator: Nelly Richard
Born in France, Nelly Richard studied Modern Literature at the Sorbonne (Paris III), and has lived in Chile since 1970. Her book Margins and Institutions: Art in Chile since 1970 (1986), which gave shape to the Escena de Avanzada(a 1980’s collective avant-garde art movement protesting social and political matters) in Chile, is considered a key reference in the field of Latin American art and critical theory. She was the curator of the unofficial selection of the Paris Biennale (1982) and since then has undertaken a number of curatorial initiatives, both in and out of Chile, revolving around aesthetics, politics, memory and gender. In 1987 she was the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship. She was the founder and editor of Revista de Crítica Cultural from 1990 to 2008, and was the director of the Master’s Program in Cultural Studies at Universidad ARCIS, in Chile, from 2004 to 2010
Paz Errázuriz
Lotty Rosenfeld
Opening Reception
of the chilean pavilion at the 56° Biennale di Venezia
Credits: Story

Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes, Chile.
Dirección de Asuntos Culturales, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Chile.
Fundación Imagen de Chile.
ProChile, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Chile

Nelly Richard

Antonio Arevalo

General Coordinator
Juan Pablo Vergara

Nury Gaviola

Robotic Projection´s design and assembly
Pavilion Design and Technical Production
Roberto Larraguibel

Production and set-up in Venice
Luigi D’Oro architetto y Arguzia S.r.l.

Sound editing
Víctor Larraguibel

Videos production
Andrea Nallar, Emilio Rosenfeld

Rodrigo Contreras

Motion graphics & Digital arts
Fabio Castro

Aerial Cinematography
Nicolás García -

Production Assistant
Alejandra Coz

Editing and Printing

Andrés Figueroa


Credits: All media
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