Everyday Heroes: The Station and Traffic Officials that keep Indian Railways running

Kangra Valley Railway

Meet Mr. Desh Raj Sharma and Mr. Karan Singh from the Kangra Valley Railway.

Kangra Valley Railway
The glory of Indian Railways is not complete without mentioning the true heroes who work towards the safety and betterment of it. In part two of the Kangra Valley Railways: Everyday Heroes, we look into the lives of the officials of the Kangra Valley Railway Station. 
Mr. Desh Raj Sharma - Station Superintendent at Palampur Station 
Mr. Desh Raj Sharma works as a Station Superintendent for the Indian Railways. Since one year, he has been supervising the Palampur Railway Station as a Station Superintendent, right after transferring from Joginder Nagar Railway Station.

The Superintendent introduces himself in this video. Apart from a generous salary and the respect he receives from everyone, Mr. Sharma talks about what excites him about his job.

Mr. Desh Raj Sharma explains what a normal workday is like as a station Superintendent.

Mr. Sharma takes pleasure in interacting with people from all over the world, despite any language barriers.

Here is a one minute video of a typical day in the life of a station Superintendent.

A Station Superintendent is the head of the station and responsible for all the matters of that station.

One of the perks of being a Superintendent is to get to meet new people.

The Station Superintendent gets onboard a train engine at Palampur Railway Station.

Take a walk through the station of Palampur which is situated in the scenic Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh

Mr. Karan Singh Pathaniya - Traffic Inspector
At the age of 59, Mr. Karan Singh Pathaniya holds the title of a Traffic Inspector at Nagrota Railway Station. Apart from regularly checking the conditions of the railways in his jurisdiction, he is also in charge of inspecting the conditions of the station buildings, platforms, drinking-water, refreshment facilities and other public conveniences for the travellers.

59-year-old Mr. Pathaniya introduces himself as a Railway Traffic Inspector.

Mr. Karan Singh Pathaniya speaks about the duties and responsibilities of a railway traffic inspector.

Mr. Pathaniya appreciates the fact that he gets a chance to serve people and work for the public by making sure that their train journey is safe and comfortable.

A 20-second glimpse of Mr. Pathaniya, a traffic inspector, working at his desk.

A traffic inspector looks after the stations that are under his jurisdiction and makes sure that all traffic and operative rules are in order. His job also involves management of the staff and to attend to any abnormalities in the train.

Take a walk through the Nagrota Railway Station. There are only 12 trains that stop and go through this station.

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