April 2015 - May 2015

Property, Protest, Commons, and the Alternative Economies of Art | Marysia Lewandowska

Asia Art Archive

The 2014–2015 AAA Resident contributes a series of public workshops co-organised with curator Esther Lu.

15 INVITATIONS for 15 Years
A special programme series featuring exhibitions, projects, written works, performances, a blog, and publication marking Asia Art Archive's 15-year anniversary. AAA extends 15 Invitations to creative practitioners to look within and beyond the organisation as an archive, a collection of material, a digital platform, and a node in a wider collective network. The 15 Invitations take various sizes, forms, and directions—literary, polemic, political, sonic, physical, and digital—and function as a series of 'drop pins' to alternatively navigate where AAA originated and where it may be going.
Property, Protest, Commons and the Alternative Economies of Art
This is a series of public workshops responding to the process of privatisation influencing daily life, and attempts to make connections between isolated practices to contribute to imagining a shared future, and serve as a process of research leading to a collectively generated publication MADE IN PUBLIC, collaboration between artist MARYSIA LEWANDOWSKA and curator ESTHER LU.

MARYSIA LEWANDOWSKA is a Polish born artist based in London since 1985 who through her publications, sound, film, and collaborative projects has explored the public function of archives, collections, and exhibitions.

In 2014-2015, she was Asia Art Archive's artist in residence, and conducted her year-long research project, MADE IN PUBLIC, following her 2014 AAA talk, MADE IN COMMONS.

ESTHER LU is director of Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC).

Her conceptual experiments mobilise connections and conversations inside and outside of institutions, often addressing the agency of art and initiating alternative artistic production in-between art spaces and social scenes in order to investigate the critical role of art today. Lu was Curator of the Taiwanese Pavilion for the 55th Venice Biennale(2013).

Workshop Series
WORKSHOP 1:  Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong, 30 April 2015.                                     WORKSHOP 2: Spring Workshop, Hong Kong,15 May 2015.                                         Participating artists, curators, and researchers: CLARA CHEUNG, INGRID CHU, ANTONY HUDEK, BRANDON LABELLE, ISSAC LEUNG, MICHAEL LEUNG, MARYSIA LEWANDOWSKA, MARIA LIND, ESTHER LU, HAMMAD NASAR, MICHELLE WONG, PHOEBE WONG, and SAMPSON WONG.


Suggested book list by featured Property, Protest, Commons and the Alternative Economies of Art participants.

The 2014–2015 AAA resident artist contributes 'Property, Protest, Commons, and the Alternative Economies of Art', a series of public workshops co-organised with curator Esther Lu.
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Co-presented by
Asia Art Archive and Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC)

Supported by
Foundation for Art Initiatives (FfAI)
National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF)
Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA)
Spring Workshop

Graphic Design Partner: Luke Gould, London

15 Invitations for 15 Years is supported by the S. H. Ho Foundation Limited, the C. K. & Kay Ho Foundation, and The Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The programme is part of the ADC 20th Anniversary Celebration Series. Special thanks to Hani Charaf, Kemistry Design; and Spring Workshop.

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