The decors


Let us tell you about the unlikely encounter between three photographers, an Italian school supervisor, and very chatty men who kept quiet for too long…

The story takes place in a décor where æsthetics give way to contemplation.

To forget the past would be to deny the present and not to believe in one’s future.


On Friday 16 March, the sky was clear and the air was cool. Axel Ruhomaully and Franck Depaifve, two photographers who meet up every year to satisfy their shared passion for image, were on their way to Liège. They spotted the outline of an imposing fortress, straight out of another time. Enthused by the cinematic décor, they crossed the railway line and arrive at a long, deserted road above which rose a bridge where they could read:


Visit the old coalmine of Hasard de Cheratte with Street View!

A heavy metallic door blocked the way to the ruins. After a bit of research, they found their first clues: the abandoned castle is the visible section of an old coal mine, closed in 1977 and destined to be destroyed soon.

Several months of work will be necessary to immortalise the place, the objects, and the typographic symbols, remnants of a glorious industrial past.

Credits: Story

Place/Objects: Axel Ruhomaully and Franck Depaifve
Calligraphy: Hassan Massoudy
Urban Sketching: Gérard Michel

With the support of Wallonie

Credits: All media
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