PROJECT: Smile South Central

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"A grassroots art project organized by Adam Ayala”
Adam Ayala/ 2014

PROJECT: Smile South Central is the brainchild of Adam Ayala.

A South Central native, Ayala, uplifted and inspired by Street Art himself, decided to follow his creative impulse.

When the call went out for walls and artists for the art project #earthdaystreet2014, Ayala quickly organized 9 artists to paint in his neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles, California, USA. This was the beginning of his project which quickly became “Smile South Central“ and he has not looked back.  

Ayala's easy going way, has endeared him to his community as well as the street art community.  His friendship and camaraderie with artists Phobik and Septerhed has been a cornerstone of the inspiration and creativity now emanating from this part of town.

Now Ayala gets calls from building owners from across the area, asking him to organize some artists for their walls.  They watch the influx of people, street art tourists, take pictures, interact with the community and buy from their stores.  This as the neighborhood takes ownership over the artworks and begins to care for them.

With no end in sight, and the horizon bright, Adam Ayala and his “PROJECT: Smile South Central ” will surely continue to inspire, benefit and transform South Central and it's inhabitants well into the future.                       - Andrea LaHue aka Random Act

You can follow the happenings on @smilesouthcentral and @che_2a

Credits: Story

photographer/curator/organizer — Adam Ayala, Smile South Central Organizer
Director — Andrea LaHue aka Random Act
A special Thank You to Artists — Phobik, Septerhed, LeBA, Bandit, Jules Muck, Random Act, Jason Ostro, Moncho 1929, Jennifer Korsen, CAMER1, zla la, , Rotting Fresh, Murdock, Thrashbird, Annie Preece, The gossip and the Choir, Killyrslf, TeeVee, Hero, tsuely, 5ive5ive7even, Pastey Whyte, Cyrus The Vyrus, Liberated Objects, Johnny Brush Strokes.

Credits: All media
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