Medieval era-inspired garden

This garden was arranged out on filled-in ditches on the southern side, close to the keep.

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Some 150 species of aromatic and medicinal plants, as well as varieties of vegetables that were present on medieval dining tables, are grown in the twelve boxwood squares.

Hanging garden

The hanging garden occupies the western part of the site, below the Dunois wing. Enclosed by masonry structures, it affords a panoramic view over the countryside that can be seen through the castle windows.

Accessible depuis l’appartement des bains, il témoigne de la volonté du maître des lieux d’intégrer les extérieurs à l’architecture dans une savante hiérarchie, manifestant l’influence de l’art des jardins italiens de la Renaissance. Il marque l’évolution du jardin productif du Moyen-Âge vers le jardin de plaisance.

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Château de Châteaudun
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