Catching The Eye

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Museum Victoria's Wildlife Image Capture Project

In 2013, Museum Victoria began a project to image capture Victoria’s rich wildlife. 
Through generous philanthropic support the museum has been able to employ a dedicated specialist photographer. David Paul has accompanied Museum scientists around the state capturing engaging and diagnostic images of animals.
A particular focus of this project is of animals that are difficult to photograph.

Perhaps because they're very small...

Or move fast...

Live in remote locations...

Or live in habitats that are difficult to reach.

Some are easier to hear than spot.

And some are nocturnal.

The project also focuses on animals that are rare or rarely seen.
This includes endangered species such as the Alpine Tree Frog which is Critically Endangered in Victoria.

The Glenelg Spiny Freshwater Crayfish is Endangered in Victoria.

The Eastern Pygmy-possum is Near Threatened in Victoria.

The Growling Grass Frog is Endangered in Victoria.

Not all of David's work is in remote areas.
There's plenty of wildlife close to home to photograph, including the parks and gardens around Melbourne...
So far over 800 species from around Victoria have been photographed.
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Museum Victoria would like to thank the following supporters of this project:

The R. E. Ross Trust
The Hugh T. Williamson Foundation
The Limb Family Foundation
The Ian Potter Foundation
The Besen Family Foundation
And other anonymous donors

To read more about Catching The Eye: Victorian Wildlife Image Capture Project, visit Museum Victoria Collections:

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