Chief Bob Aiwerioba: Living Legend

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Distinguished by his use of deep and vibrant bursts of colour, Chief Bob Aiwerioba (b.1967) is an esteemed Nigerian artist. An alumnae of the prestigious Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, Aiwerioba’s paintings which are largely experimental, are a trajectory through his life and strongly allude to cubist techniques and influences. Although Aiwerioba works with varied media, which are not limited to architecture, pottery and sculpture, his paintings are however unparalleled in their ability to garner a cornucopia of delightful senses, thereby providing the ideal media to examine his work in retrospect.
Early Life
These paintings convey Aiwerioba’s formative years, thus allowing the viewer to sense the sounds, smells, rhythms and spaces within which he was socialised. From the traditional family unit, to village huts nestled around forested hills, as well as the impressionism of religious artefacts.
Still Life
These still life paintings are a rearrangement of mundane objects with dynamic colourism, ostensibly reinventing the staple of the old Masters of the 16th and 17th centuries.
Women, Women, Women.
The artist adopts a dramatic use of geometric shapes and fragmented form to draw attention to the female body, the paradox of sensuality and procreation finding confluence on his canvas.
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