Sep 30, 1990 - Dec 6, 2009

East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery

World's largest Open Air Gallery
Künstlerinitiative ESG e.V. / 2009

The East Side Gallery is the largest open air gallery in the world. In the period from February to September 1990, 1316 meters of the Berlin Wall in the East Berlin Mühlestraße were painted with images. More than 118 artists from 21 countries created 106 unique motives, expressing the joy of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989 and the end of the Cold War in Europe. In November 1991, these images and the part of the wall were declared a national monument, but have since been exposed to the weather and the arbitrariness of visitors. Since 1996, the artists in the Artists Association East Side Gallery is taking care of the preservation of the wall. After some local Renovations 1996 (two images) and 2000 (40 photos) the entire wall and the paintings were rehabilitated in 2009. All remaining artists were again invited to Berlin to repaint their original designs from 1990 to the previously reconstructed wall. Thus, the East Side Gallery was established again. As before, the artists are fighting for the long-term preservation of the wall, against the constant threat of renewed gaps due to new construction projects.

Picture: Hans Bierbrauer, completed 1990 Lance Keller - Brandenburg Gate
Narenda Kumar Jain - Seven Stages Of Enlightenment
Fulvio Pinna - Ode To Joy
Kikue Miyatake - Paradise Out Of The Darkness / Coexist
Günther Schäfer - Homeland
Georg Lutz - Without title
César Olhagaray - Watch-men of computers
Jens-Helge Dahmen - Pneumohumanoides
Gábor Simon - Space Magik
Siegrid Müller-Holtz - Mixed Feelings
Ursula Wünsch - Peace For Anything
Oliver Meline - Welcome
Ulrike Zott - Untitled
Ana Leonor Madeira Rodrigues - Untitled
Kani Alavi, Muriel Raoux - Untitled
Muriel Raoux - Le Yeux Ouvert
Ditmar Reiter - Untitled
Willi Berger - Sole Deo Gloria
André Sécrit - You have learned, what means Freedom
Theodor Cheslav Tezhik - The Big Kremlins Wind
Catrin Resch - Europes Spring
Irina Dubrovskaja - The Wall Has Gone, When The Meteorit Of Love Is Coming
Dimitri Vrubel - Lord Help Me To Survive This Deadly Love
Marc Engel - Puppets Of A Remote Piece
Alexej Taranin - Walls International
Michail Serebrjakov - Diagonal Solution Of The Problem
Rosemarie Schinzler - Anything Open
Rosemarie Schinzler - Lets Growing
Christine Fuchs - How´s God - She´s Black
Gerhard Lahr - Berlyn
Lutz Pottien - Untitled
Wjatscheslav Schljachov - Masks
Dimitri Vrubel - Thank You Andrej Sacharow
Jeanett Kipka - Birds Fly
Schamil Gimajev - Worlds People
Indiano - Birth Of Kachinas
Christoph Frank - Stay Free
Hervé Morlay - Amour, Paix
Kim Prisu - O Povo Unido Nunca Mais Sera Veicido
Greta Ida Csatlòs - Sonic Malade
Henry Schmidt - Don´t Forget The Love
Thomas Klingenstein - Detour To The Japanese Sector
Karsten Wenzel - The Persistence Of Ignorance
Pierre Paul Maillé - Je Me Souviens
Andy Weiss - Spirit Travel
Gebriel Heimler - Wall Jumper
Lislot Blunier - Untitled
Salvatore de Fazio - Dawn Of Peace
Gerald Kriedner - Twilight of the Gods
Yvonne Onischke - Berlin By Night
Peter Peinzger - Cityhuman
Elisa Budzinski - Who wants the world ...
Sabine Kunz - Dancers
Lance Keller - The Wall
Jay One - Untitled
Klaus Niethardt - Justitia
Mirta Domacinovic - Signs In The Line
Patrizio Porrachia - The Light
Ines Bayer - There are many Walls to remove
Thierry Noir - Hommage To The Young Generation
Thierry Noir - Untitled
Teresa Casanueva - Shoots
Cacciatore - Buerlinica
Karina Bjerregaard, Lotte Haubart - Heaven Above Berlin
Christine Kühn - Touch The Wall
Rodolfo Ricàlo - Danger
Birgit Kinder - Test The Rest
Hunter, Russell - Untitled
Peter Russell - Heaven and Viewfinder
Margaret Hunter - Joint Venture
Sándor Rácmolnar - Waiting For Prometheus
Gábor Imre - Waterfall
Pal Gerber - Tell me, what a wonderful dreams keep my mind embrace
Gábor Gerhes - Untitled
Sándor Györffy - Fireheads
Gruppe Stellvertretende Durstende - Color Carryover
Kentaur - You Can See Infinity
Kani Alavi - It´s Happened In November
Jim Avignon - Doin It Cool For The Eastside
Peter Lorenz - US Flag
Dieter Wien - Morning
Jacob Köhler - Lotus
Carmen Leidner - Mo Mans Land
Jens Hübner, Andreas Kämper - Untitled
Hans-Peter Dürhager, Ralf Jesse - Tired Death
Jolly Kunjappu - Dancing For Freedom
Susanne Kunjappu-Jellinek - Curriculum Vitae
Mary Mackey - Tolerance
Carsten Jost - Politics is the continuation of war by other means
Brigida Böttcher - Flora is going
Ignasi Blanch - Parlo D´Amor
Kiddy Citny - Ger-Mania
Petra Suntinger - Apollo
Andrej Smolák - Untitled
Lana Kim - Untitled
Karin Velmanns - Untitled
Reiner A. Jehle - Monument, Memorial
Kamel Alavi - Untitled
Kasra Alavi - Escape as Tornado
Ingeborg Blumenthal - Thoughts Are Like Traces Of Birds On Heaven
Lana Kim - Untitled
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Curator — East Side Gallery

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