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Ordinary People by Extraordinary Artists

Detroit Institute of Arts

Works on Paper by Degas, Renoir, and Friends
Berthe Morisot by Manet, 1872
Berthe Morisot by Manet, 1872/1874
Berthe Morisot by Manet, 1872/1874
Polichinelle by Manet, 1874
At Paradis by Manet, 1877
At the Prado by Manet, 1863
At the Prado by Manet, 1863
On the Beach by Manet, about 1868
Civil War by Manet, 1871
The Line in Front of the Butcher’s Shop by Manet, 1870/1871
The Barricade by Manet, 1871
The Execution of Maximilian by Manet, 1868
Dancers by Degas, 1897
Dancer Adjusting Her Slipper by Degas, about 1879
Dancers in Repose by Degas, about 1898
Ballet Dancer Adjusting Her Costume by Degas, 1872/1873
Jockey by Degas, about 1878
Jockeys on Horseback before Distant Hills by Degas, 1884
Russet Landscape by Degas, about 1890
Boussard, the Photographer by Degas, 1872/1874
Manet Seated, Turned to the Right by Degas, 1864/1865
Seated Nude Woman Brushing Her Hair by Degas, 1885/1908
Leaving the Bath III by Degas, about 1891
After the Bath by Degas, about 1900
Louis Valtat by Renoir, about 1904
Richard Wagner by Renoir, about 1900
Ambroise Vollard by Renoir, about 1904
Maternity by Renoir, about 1912
Coco by Renoir, date unknown
Child with a Biscuit by Renoir, about 1898/1899
The Pinned Hat by Renoir, about 1898
Landscape and Figures by Renoir, about 1885
On the Beach at Berneval by Renoir, about 1892
Country Lane by Renoir, date unknown
Woman at Vine Stock by Renoir, about 1904
Woman at Vine Stock, Fourth Variation by Renoir, about 1904
At the Cirque by Toulouse-Lautrec, 1899
Le Divan Japonais by Toulouse-Lautrec, 1893
Yvette Guilbert, Linger, Longer, Loo by Toulouse-Lautrec, 1898
Yvette Guilbert on Stage by Toulouse-Lautrec, 1898
Yvette Guilbert, Old Song by Toulouse-Lautrec, 1898
Judic and Dihaut by Toulouse-Lautrec, 1894
Mademoiselle Pois Vert by Toulouse-Lautrec, about 1894/1895
Mademoiselle Pois Vert by Toulouse-Lautrec, about 1894/1895
Bust Portrait of Mademoiselle Marcelle Lender by Toulouse-Lautrec, 1895
At the Moulin Rouge, Franco-Prussian Union by Toulouse-Lautrec, 1893
A Gallery at Gymnase by Vuillard, about 1900
A Gallery at Gymnase by Vuillard, about 1900
The Tuileries by Vuillard, 1895
The Birth of Annette by Vuillard, about 1899
Interior by Vuillard, 1905
Children’s Play by Vuillard, 1897
The Boulevards by Bonnard, 1900
Square in the Evening by Bonnard, 1899
The Arch of Triumph by Bonnard, 1899
La Revue Blanche by Bonnard, 1894
Grandmother by Bonnard, 1895
The Letter by Bonnard, about 1925
The Bathers by Cézanne, 1896/1897
Paul Cézanne by Renoir, about 1902
Self-Portrait by Cézanne, 1896/1898
Human Miseries by Gauguin, 1898/1899
Tinito by Gauguin, 1891/1893
Young Woman in Profile by Seurat, about 1884
The Bare‑Footed Child by Cassatt, about 1898
Champs‑Elysees by Cross, 1898
Winter in Paris by Buhot, 1879
Peasants Carrying Hay by Pissarro, 1900
Interior by Fantin-Latour, 1895
Woman with Ewer by Denis, 1894
Julie Reading by Morisot, about 1889
A Winter Morning at the Hotel Dieu Quay by Buhot, 1876
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