The Margin in the Center: Ocupe Carrinho (Occupy the Car) project

Urban Creativity - research topic

Ocupe Carrinho (Occupy the Car) project, has the goal of using urban intervention as a tool of redefinition of public spaces. With the participation of the local community, dirty carcass becomes a colorful gardener via cleaning, painting and placement of plants in it.

Carro Tartaruga (Turtle Car)
Part of the second edition of Festival Baixo Centro, the Carro Tartaruga was striking the project, because for the first time there was a big media coverage, through international vehicles (as Inhabitat (USA), Kombini (France), Weibo-i- House (China), Kulturologia (Russia), among others) and national vehicles (e.g. Zupi Land, G1, Globo). The intervention occurred in april 2013, in the Santa Cecília district.
Carro Girafa (Giraffe Car)
Performed one year after the first action, the Carro Girafa was again connected to the Baixo Centro Festival, also in the vicinity of the Santa Cecília district. The work inaugurated an approach linked to the animal figure, a constant intention present on the consequent interventions.
Carro Carricho
The Carricho was the first intervention performed outside Brazil, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The abandoned car used as plataform for this intervention was located in the La Boca neighborhood, region well known for its vivid colors, which served as inspiration to the art of the car, held in May 2014.
Credits: Story

Felipe Carrelli, Ocupe Carrinho Project/Filmmaker

Juliana M. M. Soares, Ocupe Carrinho Project/Mastering in Production Engineering - Univesidade Federal de São Carlos – Sorocaba campus

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