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Product quality is the most important
The last circle is logistics, packing, post harvest management and distribution. Before agriculture produces reach the customers, the process of food quality and safety standard needs to be accomplished started from the training of cultivation system, selection of plant variety, restoration of soil fertility and post harvest preservation. Pest prevention agency has strictly controlled and monitored chemical contamination on product from production farm through to distribution process by sampling and laboratory testing. In case of chemical detection, the produce will be suspended and destroyed along with cause investigation, recording and traceability.
“Testy and Quality” Products
With policies focusing on product quality; “Tasty and Quality”, the productivity of projects certified under international standards throughout the production process from cultivation system; G.A.P of the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture,

The safety standards of production and cultivation; GLOBAL G.A.P., and the organic farming standard; ORGANIC, RPF production center plays an important role as a product quality control unit responsible for trimming, packing, and shipping to the market, certified by international quality standards, guideline of the best food production and analysis of hazards and critical point control; GMP/HACCP (CODEX).

The high performance of postharvest technology; Pre-cooling, Hydro-cooling, Forced air-cooling and Vacuum cooling, have been applied in order to maintain freshness and shelf life of agricultural produces before distribution to selling point and customers in temperature control trucks.

Each year the Royal Project Foundation distributes its produces which are fresh fruits and vegetables, cut flowers, mushrooms, herbs, field crops, fishery products, livestock products, tea and coffee, and processed products more than 700 varieties to the consumers in various channels such as through the Royal Project shops, department stores, supermarkets, Thai Airways Catering Services, food industries, restaurants and hotels under the "Royal Project" brand.

Off-farm works generates extra income for the farmers
Apart from agricultural activities, the Royal Project Foundation has also promoted off-farm activities to earn extra income to the highland communities, which are; restoration and promotion of handicrafts production in order to preserve tribal wisdom and produce community handicraft products for sale,

Promotion of agro-tourism in many Royal Project areas where their natural diversity becomes a popular tourist attraction as well as the development of tourism facilites offerring accomodation, clubs and restaurants with beautiful landscape surrounding vegetation plots and attractive cultural diversity of highland communities settled around the areas and promotion of processing agricultural products to distribute in the community market and through the Royal Project marketing channel.

At present, the farmers in the Royal Project areas, 39,000 households, earned an average annual income of about 140,000 Baht per household generating more than 10 times better than income from opium poppy.

Community strengthening activities
There are activities on development of community organization networks to prevent the spread of drugs together with a group of development volunteers and promotion of public health to highland communities, support youth activities and self-reliance groups as well as the establishment of agricultural cooperatives in the Royal Project areas.
Natural Resources and Environment Rehabilitation and Conservation
The Royal Project Foundation has encouraged the farmers to grow vetiver grass to prevent erosion, restore soil fertile by using organic fertilizers and plant their own wood tree or "Villager Forests" for household utilization. 

The Royal Project Foundation has also encouraged watershed forestation rehabilitation with farmer participation by plating trees in abandoned or formerly encroached forest areas to protect the exisitng forestation, monitor deforestation, prevent forest fire and build check dams as well as survey of the soil and water quality.

To Sustainable Development Prototype

The achievements of the Royal Project Foundation have been recognized by many organization both national and international levels as the best practice in highland development.

The Royal Project Foundation has honorably received the awards from the Ramon Magsaysay Award for International Understanding in 1988.

And the Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Program and the International Cooperation and Development Fund (DAP) in 2003.

At present, the Royal Project Development Centers have been developed to the learning centers on sustainable highland development in order to develop on-farm and off-farm activities as well as to promote community capacity building and natural resources conservation in 35 centers, totally 106 areas.

The RPF operation guidelines have been expanded to other highland areas with the implementation of Highland Research and Development Institute (HRDI) at 29 centers in Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, Tak, Nan, Kamphaeng Phet and Kanchanaburi.

International Cooperation
The successful outcome of the Royal Project Foundation in the development of the quality of life of the highland communities, crop replacement, strengthening of people and communities and the restoration of watershed forests in the highlands of the country.

Has contributed to the technical cooperation with many countries in the exchange of knowledge in highland development with Taiwan ROC, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Bhutan.

From the full effort start since more than 40 years ago, with the greatest will of His Majesty the King, the Royal Project has been established to help the highland people as well as Thai people and save the world. From our ongoing and continuous operations makes today opium disappeared from the Royal Project areas. The highland people have a better living and numerous countries also have sequels. It is a tremendous grace of His Majesty the King to his people and the world.

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