Jun 10, 2014

Villa Urquiza and Coghlan Art District, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Graffiti

“During the military dictatorship in Argentina hundreds of buildings in the zone were demolished. Later these abandoned areas turned Villa Urquiza into the best place for street artists and graffiti artists to paint in the city. ”
Buenos Aires Street Art / June 2014
Since 2007, Villa Urquiza has attracted international artists like Blu (Italy) to come and paint large murals.
Giant murals by Martin Ron and Blu (Italy)
Tourists visiting the huge mural by Martin Ron.
Mural by Fintan Magee (Australia)
Another large mural in Villa Urquiza painted by El Marian and Gualicho.
Intervention by Animalito and Cof in Villa Urquiza.
Mural by Fintan Magee  (Australia) and Martin Ron
House painted by Ice
Mural by Primo
Huge mural by Lean Frizzera with Emy Mariani
Mural by Cuore
Mural by Blu (Italy)
Mural by El Marian.
Mural by Primo in Coghlan
Portrait of Morrissey by El Marian
Mural by Primo
Mural by Maese Warrior
Mural by Cof, Mab, Animalito Land, Nalter and Grito
Mural by Milu Correch
Graffiti by Dano
Mural by Maese Warrior
Intervention by MPC
Mural by Milu Correch
Factory painted by Jiant
Collaboration by Animalito Land and Cof
Mural by El Marian
Mural by Sabrina Amante
Mural by Maese Warrior
House painted by Pelos de Plumas
Feathered Snake by Gauche
Smurfs graffiti by Nerf, Teko and Meys
Halloween graffiti by Plast
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