From the #HistoryOfUs series: Luise of Prussia (1776–1810)

Princess Luise and later Queen of Prussia was no Regina George - but she played in the same league as Regina when it came to influence.

Regina, who? Regina George! From "Mean Girls": someone pranks most-popular-girl-in-school Regina George by cutting two... let’s say ‘strategically placed’ holes in her vest. Shrugging, Regina styles it out and, the next day, every girl in school is wearing a vest with the same two holes in it.

For Luise it was a scarf, more precisely a chin band. According to the sculptor, Johann Gottfried Schadow, Princess Luise wore an elaborate scarf in her hair that she tied under her chin the day the sisters posed for him to hide an unsightly swelling.

So graceful did she make it look, that it started the next hot fashion trend among the young ladies of Prussia. Even if the story is apocryphal ...

and some say Luise was just following an existing fashion from France ...

it is still an indication of just how remarkable the impact of an influential icon can be on society at large.

Being immortalized in marble helped, of course. These days you’re more likely to find your next fashion megastar while thumbing through your feed in Instagram.
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Staatliche Museen zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz

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