All Your Walls             @ Hosier Lane

Melbourne Street Art by & Land of Sunshine

In November 2013, one of Melbourne cities largest urban paint ups took place in the world renowned Hosier Lane, bringing together more than 100 local artists to repaint an iconic laneway in its entirety.

In November 2013, Melbourne largest urban art paint-up was undertaken in the form of All Your Walls, organised by Invurt, Land of Sunshine and Just Another and held in conjunction with the National Gallery of Victorias MelbourneNow event. 

Involving some of the cities finest graffiti crews/collectives and street artists, a major makeover of Hosier and Rutledge Lanes was performed, in order to celebrate the significant role street art and graffiti continues to play in the cultural life of this city.

Located in central Melbourne (between Flinders Lane and Flinders Street and running parallel to Russell Street), Hosier Lane, along with its cobbled ‘anabranch’ Rutledge Lane, first came to prominence as a venue for street art and graffiti in the 1990s. Since then, the walls of the lanes have functioned as an exhibition site for local and visiting international street artists.

Over a period of two massive painting sessions during November 2013, both Hosier and Rutledge Lanes were first entirely buffed black and then completely transformed, top to bottom, by over 100 local graffiti and street artists – all of which  culminated in an event with live graffiti projections in Hosier Lane in homage to Melbourne graffiti and street art.

Most of the work from All Your Walls has now been replaced, however this street view shows where the art was originally located within the laneway.
A recap video was produced of the event by EdInFocus, depicting the three days of painting.
Kaff-eine painted this Mural as a part of her Heartcore art project, which was released in late 2014. The book contains short stories and poems written by young people in the Berry Street School have been interpreted by renowned Victorian street and contemporary artist,Kaff-eine, and painted as a series of street art works on walls across Melbourne.  
Otis Chamberlains depiction of Kurt Vonnegut
Bryan Itch with his falling man, one of the feature walls at the top of Hosier Lane.
The WEWF crew created this collaborative piece. Based out of the Artshole studios, WEWF is one of Melbournes best up and coming collaborative endeavours.
Renowned artists Unwell Bunny and Mysterious Al teamed up on this piece for the WSW crew wall.
Kirpy created this massive stencil, one of the largest he has done, based on images from his travels through Europe.
Dem189 and Please created this beautifully depicted tree - the top of which is still view able in Hosier lane today.
Slicers action based, abstract expressionism graffiti pieces are a well known feature of many of Melbournes walls.
Local graffiti legend and old school writer Shem rocked out this brilliant piece on the corner of Hosier and Rutledge lanes.
Kid Silk (Silkroy) with his gorgeously coloured piece
Steve Criss (right) and the full WSW collab wall on the left.
Junky Projects and Presto collaborated on this piece. Junky Projects is well know for his re-use of found objects in his work, and Prestos lettering skills are second to none. Together, they put goether a great abstract piece that was a highlight in the laneway - several pieces of which are still present today.
Shane Sterry with his paste up piece. The wording on this work originally read "All Your Dreams Are Dead", however as the building it was placed on is a youth outreach centre, he was asked to politely change the lettering a few days after it was done to something a little less sad, which he happily complied with.
Facters work is well known around Melbourne, better known for his aerosol created, unique creatures this is one of his rarer pasteups.
Another Facter piece - many people thought that this was a donkey, or a dog, however it is his depiction of an Okapi.
Hancock with one of his mini-dogs.
Phoenix the street artist is also well known in Melbourne for his cerebral, thought provoking pasteups.
Conrad Bizjak with one of his amazing abstract portraits. 
Aida Sabic, a prolific Melbourne based portrait artist
Brisbane based artist Gus took some time out at the event to place one of his signature portraits in Rutledge lane - unfortunately, this image no longer curives, however another one of his works can be found in the laneway around the corner.
Bailer and Cam scale created this large scale demon, which still looks over Hosier lane today.
The indomitable Putos with his singanture style - only the "Putos" now remains.
Adnate, one of Melbournes best and most well known artists internationally, with a rare self portrait of himself.
Mishap created this piece in Rutledge lane
Sabs and Dvate created this work, using 3d sections to pop the piece off the wall. These pieces are still located high up in Rutledge lane, with all of the 3d elements still intact.
Tom Civils beautifull linework oriented characters and scenes.
French artist Lucy Lucy with her silk dancer on the AWOL collaboration at the top of Hosier lane.
Views with a seascape.
Steen Jones tattoo styled tribute to Melbourne
RusKidds piece stood for over a year at the entrance to Hosier lane, it has now, unfortunately, been painted over.
Debs Ganesh piece has been located in Hosier lane since 2010 - it has, however, been repainted several times and rumour is that local residents regularly "touch it up" if it has been tagged over.
Credits: Story

Curator — Fletcher Andersen (Facter) - Invurt
Curator — Dean Sunshine - Land Of Sunshine
Curator — Toby, Just Another
Curator — Luke McManus - Invurt
Curator — David Russell - Invurt
Photography — Dean Sunshine

Credits: All media
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