2009 - 2013

Green Villain Gallery

Green Villain

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Jersey City

Green Villain Gallery was born in 2009 within the historic Clorox Bleach Factory. It was an incubator of cross cultural exchange. It was a club house filled with hidden rooms and back alleyways, artist studios and multiple rooftops. It was a safe haven for graffiti artists, musicians and party goers—it was a brooding ground for visionaries. Here they bred creatures, monsters, fantasies and nightmares. It was the spark of possibility, it was the apple of forbidden knowledge. Here the wild things grew.

"It's a Cold World" - Komar & Beset
"Closing Party" - Joey Anderson, Dakini9, DJ Spider, Marshallito & Cloy 
"Rest in Piece & Green Giving" - Pawn, Serringe, Distort & Mustart
Distort & Mustart
"Distort History" - Distort
Rubin & Mustart

Bathrooms have been home to graffiti, in the larger sense of the word, since ancient Rome. It is only natural, then, that the bathroom of an underground club should itself be covered with graffiti. The difference between the main walls and those in the bathroom is simple: the former were curated and the latter were not. The main walls are meritocratic while bathroom walls are democratic. Here your tag, maybe even your name, or your sticker is on even ground with the writing on the main walls.

"Cocktail Lounge"
"Mustart's Ladies" - Mustart
Yok, Sheryo & William Daek
William Daek
Yok & Sheryo
"Stairway to Heaven"

The alley was ideal for graffiti artists because the property owners on either side were indifferent to them. They were able to work during the day without having to be on the lookout for the police. Located in a lightly trafficked area of industry and small businesses it was relatively isolated. The alley thus had the feel of a private arena, a design collaboratory and gallery. The artists could experiment with new designs and techniques, show their friends and colleagues and then “buff” the walls and do it again the following day.

Then One
Renob, Tacoe, Yoder, Then One, Nathan Picket, Loser & Sape
"CDC" Nark, Alamo, Tacoe, Mecro, Yuthe & Draft
Yoder & Loser
Mes, Sire & Ntel
"Ganja Godess in Gold Dunk" -  Pawn & Eyesor
Pawn, Rath, Wane, Kwes, Sire, Disto, Sape, Moet, Alots, Ntel & Hades
Yoder, Werds, Dutch, Ntel & Nask
Take7, Nark, Hades & Ntel
Kwes, Hectic, Doves, Post & Enoe
Credits: Story

Curator — Gregory D. Edgell, Green Villain
Curator — William L. Benzon, Green Villain
Gallery Founder — Charles P. Rothchild
Photographer — Gregory D. Edgell, Green Villain
Photographer — William L. Benzon, Green Villain

Credits: All media
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