2013 - 2014

Artmossphere: street art in Moscow

Artmossphere Studio

Murals and public art installations in Moscow curated by  Artmossphere studio.
1337x / 2014

ARTMOSSPHERE is a creative community, which curates various art projects, exhibitions and festivals, connected with street art.

More than hundred of foreign and Russian artists had a chance to take part in street-art Biennale ARTMOSSPHERE and street-art  festival LGZ, which turned out to be the main event in Russian street-art industry.

Moreover, the biennale turned out to be the place of a real festival, where the murals, public art installations had to share the place with curators lectures, workshops and public talks.

Wall painting  interacting with the geometric perspective and graphic design
This work is about people who grown up and leave cities to find their own way
Monumental wall painting close near city centre
Abstract universe with bright shapes and symbols
Geometrical shapes and the deconstruction of traditional graffiti lettering technique.
The work allows viewers to look into the fictional space behind the wall. At the mural figure silhouettes mixed  with household items and interior and pass into a story about people who live there and probably do not even know their neighbors.
Wildly surreal imagination spraypaint behind of main road.
Geometrical wall painting in city centrum. A mural made during the LGZ Festival in Moscow, Russia. The size of the wall is 11x18 meters. 
170 Square meter mural in Moscow for LGZ Festival.
The mural on the facade of the city center. Artist finds his artwork stories in reality inspired by everyday life.
Wall painting  inspired by themes such as science, religion, cosmology and social subjects. This surrealist painting featuring their ever iconic characters and pastel colouration.

This work proposes a necessary dialogue between colors that build it, make a direct relationship with the medium itself, question the empty space and the use of compositional resources. 

The color distribution has been generated to have a greater importance than the morphology of the piece, the main element considered is the total area that acts as a support and its quantitative relationship of each color. The composition is based on generating a optical harmonic balance to make it relative to the environment in which the mural is. We can see basic geometry has been used as the circle, the scalene triangle and other allusions to gestural strokes.

Piece is able to find it at the Meridian House of Culture, Moscow.
An abstraction wall painting with hidden writer's name inside
The Spanish artist works often depicts uncommon scenes that challenge stereotypes of women and social stigmas.
Artists: Alexey Luka  and Ekta Ekta
Italian artist Never 2501's works are visually stunning, diving head first into the essence of line art through his use of monochromatic color schemes that emphasize his technique.
Workshop for kids and their parents in special artist techniques based on a similar constructive arrangement.
Meeting of Different Styles & Hall of FameBiennale international guests and Russian graffiti writers painted together a long wall on the design factory Flacon.
Kirill Kto
Okuda san Miguel
Nicolas Barrome
Kostya Zmogk
4-meter sculpture at Muzeon Art Park riverwalk
The mural is located next to a bike pump track.
Credits: Story

Curator — Sabina Chagina
Director — Yuliya Larionova
Coordinator — Alexey Luka
Coordinator — Petro Aesthetics
Coordinator — Alexandra Krolikova
Coordinator — Natalia Solovieva
Project director — Daria Tsibulskaya
Logistics specialist — Katya Berlin
PR — Oleg Yashuk
Photograph — Igor 1337x
Graphic designer — Jenya Zhelvakov

Credits: All media
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