Aisha Cahn Foundation

Aisha Cahn Foundation
London, United Kingdom

Aisha Cahn is a contemporary British artist whose current series of work titled “Embrace” is inspired by the science of cells, and the narrative of her mother’s experience with cancer. Following the passing of her mother, Aisha began researching the science of cells, in particular, cancer cells for her art work. She spent time at laboratories such as Imperial College, Cancer Research UK, and the Royal Free Hospital where incredible progress is being made in finding a cure for cancer through drug development and immunotherapy.During her research, Aisha was particularly drawn towards immunology and worked very closely with the professors at the Royal Free Hospital. The breakthrough discovery that T cells and NK cells can destroy cancer cells was the initial source of inspiration for her new series “Embrace”, leading her to combine art and science, something which Aisha has always reflected in her work.The exhibition is a body of work comprised of drawings, silk screen prints, paintings and installations.

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