Albertina Museum

Albertina Museum
Wien, Austria

Located in the historical heart of Vienna, the Albertina Museum combines imperial flair and masterpieces of art. What used to be the city's largest residential palace during the Habsburg monarchy is now an art museum of international renown whose name is also associated with one of the worlds most important graphic art collections and which attracts cultural travelers and city tourists from around the globe. The museum, whose wing-shaped roof designed by Hans Hollein in 2003 adds new architectural accents to the building, presents a variegated exhibition program, with outstanding masterpieces from the fifteenth century to the present. Thanks to its special shows dedicated to Albrecht Dürer, Edvard Munch, and Vincent van Gogh, the Albertina Museum has managed to achieve record attendances in recent years. The Albertina Museum's permanent display, the core of which is one of the most important European collections of international modern art the Batliner Collection offers an uninterrupted survey unique in Vienna and Austria which spans the most exciting chapters from 130 years of art history, ranging from French Impressionism to the present day. The 21 staterooms, which have now been completely restored and equipped with precious original furniture, recall the Habsburg period's splendor in terms of domestic and official culture in one of Europe's most beautiful neo-classical palaces.

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1010 Wien
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