Art Night

Art Night
London, United Kingdom

Art Night is a free annual contemporary arts festival that transforms London’s public spaces, secret venues and iconic landmarks for one summer night.

Festivals have played a unique role historically as a site for artistic experimentation, outside the formal setting of the gallery or museum – ranging from the street theatre of the Renaissance; Bauhaus festivals in the early twentieth century that combined music, theatre, dance and design; and happenings in the 1960s and 70s. Art Night builds on this rich history by combining unusual spaces with artistic experimentation.


The festival is conceived by Unlimited Productions who, each year, will invite a leading institution and curator to work in a different part of London, exploring the area’s history, culture and architecture.

The first edition was curated by the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), with curator Kathy Noble, who presented a series of artists’ works and new commissions in unusual locations across Westminster.

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United Kingdom
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