MATE — Museo Mario Testino

MATE — Museo Mario Testino
Lima, Peru

MATE – Museo Mario Testino is a not-for-profit centre established to contribute to Peru through the cultivation and promotion of culture and heritage.

Founded by Mario Testino in 2012, MATE (pronounced mAH-teh) aims to bring Peruvian artists and culture to worldwide attention, while offering the best of international contemporary art and photography to audiences in Lima. MATE facilitates this lively exchange through a dynamic programme of exhibitions, residencies, and events, alongside a permanent display of work by Mario Testino. MATE is committed to bringing the centre’s work to a wide audience through guided tours, workshops and talks, as well as offering training and resources as part of this expanding education programme.

MATE is situated in the heart of the Barranco district of Lima. Now a flourishing cultural quarter, Barranco was historically a popular seaside resort and home to many of Peru’s most prominent intellectuals, a past reflected in its superb architecture. MATE has written a new chapter in Barranco’s history by restoring a handsome 19th Century mansion to its former glory and is engaged in filling it once more with colour and conversation.

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MATE — Museo Mario Testino409 Pedro de Osma Avenue, Barranco
Lima 15063
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