Busan Biennale

Busan Biennale
Busan, South Korea

Busan Biennale is a comprehensive art festival that integrated three different festival that had been held in the city: Busan Youth Biennale, Busan Sea Festival, and Busan Outdoor Sculpture Symposium.

With a long history of serving as an art stronghold in Asian, Busan is a perfect place to host an art festival for the region and beyond. The biennale art event was inteded to present an easy interpretation of the hard-to-understand contemporary art and make it more accessible to the general public.

The festival serves as an arena where locals can mingle with people from other countries and communicate with each other.

Busan Biennale will be entrenched as representative culture event fo Korea and, ultimately, achieve a worldwide recognition.

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Busan Biennale Busan
South Korea
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