Chamber of Deputies, Brazil

Chamber of Deputies, Brazil
Brasília, Brazil

The current house of the Brazilian Legislative Branch was inaugurated with the new capital, Brasilia, in 1960. As well as the design of the city, the architectural lines of the National Congress building were conceived under the influence of modernism. The straight and simple traces by urban planner Lucio Costa comprise an aesthetic unit with the monuments designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer.
The National Congress building houses the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. The utmost symbol of the capital, it is characterized by pure and geometric forms, by the volumes of its semi-spheres and by the free spaces flanking it. The National Congress is located in the vertex of the equilateral triangle that encloses the Three Powers Plaza. At the vertices of the base of the triangle are the headquarters of the Executive and the Judiciary Branches.
In this virtual tour, the visitor will become acquainted with the architecture of Niemeyer and the modernist works of art that compose the Rooms and the plenary hall of the National Congress.

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Chamber of Deputies, BrazilChamber of Deputies - National Congress Palace - Three Powers Square - Brasilia, DF
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