Château Royal d'Amboise

Château Royal d'Amboise
Amboise, France

Location of Leonardo da Vinci’s tomb, Palace of French kings during the Renaissance, Most beautiful panorama of the Loire Valley. Picture a palace delicately balanced on a promontory overlooking the Loire river and imagine gardens as if suspended between sky and earth... It is not surprising that Amboise was one of French kings’ most prized sites during their radical transformation of their country during the Renaissance. The sovereigns Charles VIII and François Ier, Leonardo da Vinci (buried in the château's chapel), Queen Anne of Britanny and Louis-Philippe, the last "king of the French", were all familiar faces here. Still, today, what a breathtaking view! Discover from the ramparts, a 360° panorama of the UNESCO World Heritage landscapes. A living château, extensively open to nature, and a haven of peace for more than 80 bird species, Amboise is also a place of innovation where new technologies, such as the HistoPad, make a regular appearance to enrich your visit.

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Château Royal d'AmboiseMnt de l'Emir Abd el Kader
37400 Amboise
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