China Paper Cutting Museum

China Paper Cutting Museum
Yangzhou, China

China Paper-cut Museum is located in the garden of a well-known salt merchant’s residence— “the Wang’s Garden” in the historical block named “Dongjuanmen” of Yangzhou city. The tranquility of the lane where the residence is situated, together with elegance, quaint and exquisiteness of the courtyard, reveals the beauty of Yangzhou as a time-horned city to its every bit.

Initiated by Mr. Feng Jicai, the then vice chairman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and chairman of Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association, China Paper-cut Museum was founded in 2007 as a comprehensive protection base for Yangzhou paper-cuts that integrates functions of collection, exhibition, exploration and production based on the investment of Yangzhou Arts and Crafts Group and Yangzhou Arts and Crafts Factory. It has now evolved into the backbone for the protection of Yangzhou paper-cuts.

As one of the greatest paper-cutting masters of his generation, Mr. Zhang Yongshou (1907-1989 AD) had made incomparable contribution to the spread and development of the paper-cut art in China. In the hall of Yangzhou paper-cuts in the second floor of this museum there is a standing exhibition that is dedicated to the representative pieces of Yangzhou paper-cuts which is a brilliant category of the paper-cut art in the south of China, as well as to the masterpieces by Mr. Zhang Yongshou and his apprentices.

Meanwhile, there are also temporary exhibitions in the hall of Chinese paper-cuts in the second floor that feature award-winning paper-cut works of various schools at different periods from all across China donated by Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association to China Paper-cut Museum.

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China Paper Cutting MuseumNo. 2, Alley Majian, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province
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