Computer History Museum in Slovenia

Computer History Museum in Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Computer Museum project has been operating in Ljubljana for 17 years. We have prepared over 50 events and exhibitions, international tours and joint projects with cultural institutions in Slovenia. In 2012, together with the Museum of Recent History, we set up a retrospective exhibition of home computers Goto 1982, which was viewed by a record 15,000 people.

In the last decade, the whole society has changed radically, especially the final computerization. Absolutely all parts of society - individuals, citizens, companies, organizations - are in constant contact with technology that makes our lives and work easier. The penetration of ICT into society is complete today, so we believe that we also need a museum institution that will document, reflect on these social changes and take care of a comprehensive public discourse on new technologies.

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Computer History Museum in SloveniaCelovška cesta 111
1000 Ljubljana
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