German Oceanographic Museum, Foundation German Oceanographic Museum

Stralsund, Germany

The German Oceanographic Museum in the Hanseatic town of Stralsund is a museum in which maritime and oceanographic exhibitions are displayed. It is the most visited museum in North Germany. In addition to the main museum building, the actual Oceanographic Museum, there are three other sites, the Ozeaneum, opened in July 2008, the Nautineum and the Natureum. The main house is located in the hall of the former St. Catherine's Church. The Oceanographic Museum has many exhibitions with information on fishing, the environment and marine conservation, on marine and ocean research, flora and fauna of the Baltic Sea region, and, just under 50 aquaria contain more than 600 living sea creatures, including giant tortoises and Polynesian fish.

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German Oceanographic MuseumKatharinenberg 14-20
18439 Stralsund
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