European Solidarity Centre

European Solidarity Centre
Gdańsk, Poland

European Solidarity Centre is a modern cultural institution created to commemorate and preserve the memory of the Solidarność victory, and also to build a new identity for, and reinterpret, the word ‘solidarity’ according to the needs of the modern individual and of the world. Hundreds of thousands of passionately engaged visitors and the excitement that they are packed with at the end of their tour of the permanent exhibition prove that such a place is necessary, and that the ideals of solidarity, whether spelt with a capital S or not, remain valid and up-to-date.

To many, the ECS building looks like a ship on a slipway getting ready for its maiden voyage. The ECS building opened in 2014. Just two years later, the ECS received the COUNCIL OF EUROPE MUSEUM PRIZE. This was the first time for a Polish museum to receive the prize in its 40-year history. According to the judging panel, the ECS is “a fascinating example of a cultural institution working to promote freedom and solidarity,” while “the events it recounts and its programme make it a forum for contemporary Europe.”

PERMANENT EXHIBITION | A real hit! An exciting multimedia exhibition which, with its audio-guide family path, is also an attraction for families with children. The permanent exhibition tells the story of Poland’s road to freedom and the changes across Europe. Join a curated tour or a group guided by a veteran of August 1980.

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